Welcome to empori🎊

Welcome to empori🎊

Welcome curious soul!

However it is that you found us in this vast ocean known as the internet, we are happy to have you here. And we hope that your stay, however brief, is pleasant.

Before we start, may we invite you to play this lovely playlist in the background for maximum ambience?

Where am I, what is this? Who are you?

You are at empori, a library-studio creating and curating cozy and considered experiences for everyday life things.

And WE are the librarian/creator and artist-padawan, Ri!

Cool, what do you do here?

We are so glad you asked!

Well, here, meaning on this site, we curate and share content and experiences that we have created, as well as musings from our creative process.

What kind of content and experiences?

We've got standard things like newsletters and "articles".

But we've also got more curious and interactive stuff like DIY Kits for alternative conversation experiences.

Oh, and if you happen to be based in Singapore, you can also find information on our upcoming IRL/Phygital experiences here.

It's probably easier to just show you.

Would you like to take a tour of the library?


If not, we thank you for dropping by and checking us out.

We wish you curious travels on the rest of the interwebs!

Come by again whenever 😃

Ri Chang
The intersensory workaholic who has made life their job. Also an artist-padawan...and kind of long-winded. 康復中的工作狂. 正努力練習認真生活