Hello dear curious souls!

We're doing a shoutout for a meaningful event that entered our orbit:

The sgMAN Story Circle

For those of you who have attended empori's Sharing Sunday or other Conversation Circle-esque events, this is probably familiar territory.

sgMAN Story Circle is an created by Singapore Man Allyship Network (sgMAN). It combines the technique of Playback Theatre the idea of a Men's Circle together, to create a safe space for boys and men to talk about life.

As we often say, what many of us yearn for deep down is just a space to share and feel heard. Yet such spaces can be so difficult to come by. Perhaps even more so for men and those who are male-presenting.

If you are a boy/man/male-presenting/male-identifying individual and is looking for a non-judgmental space to share and express yourself. This is for you.
(yes, this is a boys/men only event)

And if you know of a guy in your life who could benefit from this event, do pass it on!

🎟️Click me for Sign-up Link!

(PS: even if you don't have a burning need to heard, listening is the simplest act of kindness we can do for someone. So if you're willing to listen, do sign up too!)\

Until next time,
stay curious!

Ri Chang
The intersensory workaholic who has made life their job. Also an artist-padawan...and kind of long-winded. 康復中的工作狂. 正努力練習認真生活