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Musings on Coffee & Life

There's a connection here I have no words for. We live in a web of intricately, beautifully woven serendipities, connected through coffee.

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Hello dear curious souls! We're doing a shoutout for a meaningful event that entered our orbit: The sgMAN Story Circle For those of you who have attended empori's Sharing


一個勵志接受死亡,接受死亡而勵志的短篇故事。 阿酒是個平平無奇的女孩, 生活平平無奇,甚至是平庸,但也正因如此,她才會嚮往不平凡。而在她充滿的生活裡,最黑暗的東西就是死亡。 所以,她每天都會問,「要是明天我死了怎麼辦?」