About empori

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Name: empori

Species: studio//library

Mission: share and explore the curious possiblities of everyday life

Moves: curious experiences, considered musings

We are a studio and library of curious experiences.

We create and curate experiences that explore the curiosity, awe and wonder in everyday life.

We like to explore all kinds of experiential medium, everything from a meals and conversations to games and zines, and everything in between.

But we do have a particular learning towards things in everyday life.
AKA the seemingly mundane.

"The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the grit of paying attention."-Julia Cameron

In world that's designed to have us chase after the next big thing, make big commitments and have big ambitions, the little things in life often gets neglected.

But it is the little things that is always there, that keeps us buoyant in hard times.

So we hope to create a space where people can drop by and tune into the little delights in our everyday life. Live a more...considered life.

There's nothing wrong with big shiny things, we like them too.
But there are also the little sparkly things.

And in the words of our best friend: ¿Por qué no los dos?

This space is co-run by the two Ri(s):

The Art-Ri (self-identifies as Artist-Padawan) who runs the Studio, which is responsible for creating all the content and experiences.

The Librarian-Ri (often shortened to LibraRIan) who manages the Library side, curating and cataloging Art-Ri's creation.

Are they two people or one person?


A word from Art-Ri

We make experience art!
With a focus on exploring the awe and wonder in everyday life.

What is experience art?

Experience art is art that you experience.
Just kidding. Experience art is artworks that are interactive in nature. You interact with the work to have an experience!
We prefer to call it 'experience art' over 'interactive art' because the words 'interactive art' gives off the impression of VR/AR or teamLAB-type artworks and that's not us.
Our artworks come in all forms! From events to zines, from trinkets to webapges. We like to explore them all!

A word from the LibraRIan

We curate everything Art-Ri makes, and then some.
We've curated the collection to focus on taking you on journeys that explore the possibilities of life (and yourself), in both big and small ways.

Our library is still in its baby stages,  but we hope that one day it will grow into a physical space that you can visit. So hope you'll stick around for that.

For now, we are a small digital space that sometimes does IRL popup events and experiences.

tldr; we make curious things

😮If you'd like to know more:
Why the focus on everyday life?